He and I: A Review

 I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about reading this book at first. I had never heard of Gabrielle Bossis, and I am usually a bit careful about private revelation. That being said, He and I is one of the most beautiful books I have read in quite some time.
He and I is the account of the words allegedly spoken by Our Lord to Gabrielle Bossis, a lay Frenchwoman from 1936 until she died in 1950. I say allegedly spoken by Our Lord because Gabrielle never really refers to Him as Jesus, but rather as the Voice. However, the more you read, the more it becomes clear that this Voice can only be the voice of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
You begin the book reminding yourself that these words are not being spoken to you personally, but to this Frenchwoman. As you continue to read, you seem to forget that and feel as if Christ is addressing these words to you. If this book finds its way into your hands, I believe those words are for you.
While the book is an easy read, set up by year with brief journal entries, it should not be read quickly. Take your time and stop where you feel called to stop and pray. Trust me, this will happen often as you get deeper into the book. I read it highlighter in hand. There are prayers both prayed by Gabrielle as well as those given to her by Our Lord that you may want to remember and use in your own prayer life. Here are a few:

~"Holy Father, I offer you Jesus living in my life and dying in my death. I offer you the heart of Jesus in each one of my heartbeats."(p.37)

~"Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit present within me." (p.61)

~"Lord, my body and soul are Your home; may all that I am and have be used for Your glory." (p.164)

When I began reading He and I, I mentioned it to a few friends. I was amazed to discover that this book had been read by many of them, and in two cases, it had played a significant role in their return to their faith.
There is no dogma or doctrine in this book, but it does carry an Imprimatur, which is basically the OK from the Church to publish and read it.
I can't say enough good things about He and I. If your spiritual life, or your relationship with Jesus needs a bit of a spiritual boost, this book will help to do just that. If you haven't read it, if it has been sitting on your bookshelf~pick it up and begin what you will find to be not simply the journal entries of a devout laywoman, but a beautiful and intimate conversation between you and Your Lord.

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