I began this blog on a whim in November 2008. I never really thought much about writing anything for other people to read, but something made me take the plunge so to speak. I wanted it to be a place where I could express my thoughts about the varied and many riches of the Catholic Faith and allow others to read and share their thoughts as well.
If  you are wondering where the title came from, well during one of my confessions early on in my return to the faith, the priest hearing that confession told me that I am a Daughter of the King.  The decision to use that phrase as the title of this blog came almost as instantly as the decision to begin the blog itself. That title also keeps me humble (most of the time) as it is not always easy, and I do not always succeed in living the life of  a daughter of Divine Royalty.
 Everything on this blog follows and adheres to Catholic Magesterial teaching. 
I hope you enjoy your visit here.
God bless!
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