Perfect Day

My perfect day happened on November 29, 2008

What made me laugh was can't remember anything in particular, but there's always something in each day- usually it has something to do with something stupid I've done.

I felt really good when I accomplished all I had wanted to not necessarily all I had to do.

What surprised me was the phone didn't ring all day. (I actually checked it to see if it still worked!)

The reason it was perfect was I had the day off-I rarely get a Saturday off. I wasn't on anyone's schedule but my own.

The part I like to savor is my morning prayer time-I like to call it Coffee with Jesus

I felt like a success when - there wasn't anything to feel successful about except that I was actually able to keep the day a relaxed one.

I ate Thanksgiving leftovers.

I drank lots of hot tea.

I enjoyed sappy Christmas movies.

I give thanks to God for everything, but specifically today for "do-nothing days"


Mary Rose said…
Karinann, what a relaxing day you had! You're my first participant in this little daybook "thingie" I started! I wanted to do something to get people to realize we have many perfect days and that God gives us so much. I'm really glad you had a day to just relax, putz around, and go at your own pace. Hope you have a few more of those before the month is out!

Thanks for visiting my blog. You'll get the hang of it!
Chris said…
Karinann, welcome to the Catholic blogosphere! :D Mary Rose pointed me in your direction.
And Third Day is my favorite Christian band!
Angela M. said…
Welcome! I am here via Mary Rose's blog. I am also a 40-something revert of 6 years, love Narnia and I met Mary Higgins Clark - twice!
Adrienne said…
Welcome - may you have many fun days blogging (you will)


P.S. Mary Rose is a computer and piture wizard. She offered to fix my header and I was determined to do it myself. That was at least two or three months ago. She must cringe everytime she visits. LOL
Adrienne said…
picture not piture (it's late)
Owen said…
Welcome to blogging. May you be blessed to make many good friends.

- - -
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