Glory Revealed

Mt. Tabor at Dusk

I could take you back in time over 2000 years to that day with Jesus, Peter, James and John on Mount Tabor. I could ask you to imagine what it must have been like to see Jesus manifest His glory to His Apostles that day.
Yes, I could ask you to imagine that ancient day, but I won't. Instead I ask you to recall the last time you came before Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence either in an adoration chapel, or in church before the tabernacle, or the last time you received Him in Holy Communion. You may not have realized it, but you, in those precious moments were on Mount Tabor with Our Lord. His glory veiled to your bodily eyes, but revealed to the eyes of your heart and soul through faith.
Jesus took Peter, James and John up that mountain that day to strengthen them for His fast approaching Passion and Death.
Those three Apostles must have been changed in some way that day~even strengthened.
So are we every time we come before or receive His Eucharistic Presence. Like the Apostles, and Moses before them, may we not come down from the mountain the same way we went up. Allow the glory of the Risen Lord to change you from the inside out.

A Transfiguration Prayer
Heavenly Father,
You spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai and to the Apostles on Mount Tabor where You revealed the splendor of Your glory in Your Son, Jesus Christ.
Moses came down from Sinai with his face aglow from being in Your Presence, the Apostles saw Jesus radiant and never wanted to leave Tabor.
As we come before the Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist may we be transformed; may we not leave Your Presence the same way we entered, but aglow with Your grace. May we become luminaries of Your splendor and glory in this world, for in Your light we see light.

May we become what we behold and what we receive.

All of this we pray in Jesus' name.

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