The Supper of the Lord

James Tissot's: The Last Supper

Our Lord's last Passover meal on earth was shared with eleven of His Apostles. That Passover meal was unlike any other He or any other good Jew had ever or will ever observe, for from it came the gifts of the priesthood and the Holy Eucharist.
Tonight as evening falls around the world, Holy Thursday Mass will be celebrated. This time, it is not just eleven men celebrating with Jesus, but over a billion men, women and children, not just celebrating with Jesus, but celebrating Jesus.
This day is not a Holy Day of obligation, the people who assist at this Mass are there because they want to be. For those who cannot be there, but wish to be, and for those who do not see the need to be there, those of us who are there will bring you there in prayer.
Jesus told His Apostles that He longed to share this meal with them; we too long to share it with Him. While it is a celebration, it is one that is bittersweet. As soon as it is over, Jesus begins His Passion which will lead to Calvary. Just as He invited a few Apostles to come and pray with Him in the Garden, He invites us to stay~ to pray and adore Him after Mass in Eucharistic Adoration.
Our Jesus, who is meek, humble and loving of heart made the sacrifice of His life for us so that we may have life in and with Him. Whether we are able to attend the Holy Thursday Mass or not, let us observe it prayerfully with love and gratitude in our hearts. Let us return love for love. Let us return love to Love.

Stay With Him:  Holy Thursday Reflection 2012

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