Divine Mercy Shining Through Prison Walls

Most of us have our own stories of how Divine Mercy has worked and continues to work in our lives, and miracles abound in all of them. However, when Divine Mercy makes its way behind prison walls, the grace and miracles seem to abound even more. Such is the case for Pornchai Moontri. Those of you who read Fr. Gordon MacRae's blog, These Stone Walls, know something about this young man from Thailand. This Sunday is the third anniversary of Pornchai's reception of Baptism and First Communion; he received those sacraments on Divine Mercy Sunday three years ago.
Pornchai was invited by Fr. George David Byers of Holy Souls Hermitage to write a guest post on that blog. In Divine Mercy and the Doors of My Prisons, Pornchai tells us a bit more of his story from its beginnings in Thailand to present day in a New Hampshire prison. This young man has been through much: being uprooted from his home, being sexually molested by his stepfather, and the murder of his mother which is unsolved to this day. He also tells of the fateful day that landed him in prison and how he came to meet Fr. Gordon MacRae. Their friendship has been a great gift to both of them.
Fr. Gordon also gives some background to how Divine Mercy has worked in his life in his post for this week: In the Company of Saints and Villains: The Work of Divine Mercy.
Please take the time to read both of these posts; you will be glad you did. It is stories like these that are at the heart of living our Christian faith.
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Thanks go to Fr. George David Byers for inviting Pornchai to share his story.