His Unforgettable Voice

One of my favorite Gospel passages is where Jesus appears to Mary Magdalen after the Resurrection.
(John 20:1~18). This passage was the focus of my prayer and meditation a few days ago. The following reflection is what was gained through this meditation.

On Easter morning, Mary Magdalen was still grief stricken and became even more so when she discovered Your empty tomb. You saw her grief born of love for You and sought to console her. You wanted her to be filled with the joy~ You joy, of Your glorious Resurrection.
Your glory blinded her and prevented her from recognizing You, but she would never forget the sound of Your strong, yet gentle voice calling her by name. And that is all it took~ her name, Mary, spoken by her Lord, Master and Friend. She knew in that instant who You were and her heart leaped with joy; it was all the consolation she needed.
My Lord, You do the same for me. In the midst of my troubles, my grief, and my desperation, all I need to stop me in my tracks is Your voice calling my name. There are those times, though that I allow the voices of others and the world rattle my brain and my heart, those times I am prevented from from hearing Your strong, sweet voice.
Help me, my Lord to listen only to You. It is not the people themselves that seek to upset my peace and my joy, but the Enemy. May he be cast out by my faithful attention to You whenever You call to me. Let me adore You, in awe of Your glory and be consoled by Your constant presence. May I never forget the sound of my name being spoken, with love, by You, my Lord, Master and Friend.


Colleen said…
Beautiful reflection on a beautiful gospel passage. Thank you. I love this. Makes me think of the sheep knowing their Shepherd's voice. So true, isn't it? We know God's voice, if we just take the time to listen. Hugs and blessings!
I suppose I can understand "the moment of disbelief" both in Mary Magdalene, and the two Apostles on the way to Emmaus (see my Blog).

Let's imagine for a moment someone giving us some great news ... really great news that would affect our lives. "You've won the lottery". Or some news as big as we can imagine.

We too would hesitate ... "pinch me" we would say; to check I'm not dreaming.

And here we have the Lord's disciples "seeing" the greatest news in their lives ... and they hesitated.

As we often do ... when we fail to hear His voice.

God bless.
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen and Victor.
Colleen, I was also thinking of the Good Shepherd as I wrote this post, but I was afraid of going off on a holy tangent:)

Victor- I am always amazed at how Scripture speaks so personally to each of us.
I may have asked Our Lord to pinch me in that moment.

Blessings to you both.
therese rita said…
I wanted to tweet this but couldn't find a button...am I missing it?
Karinann said…
Thank you therese rita. I probably have to add something to my blog in order for you to tweet it automatically. In the meantime if you still wish to do that, you can copy/paste the url for the post and twitter I think has something that will shorten the url so you don't go beyond the 160 characters.
Glad you liked the reflection.
God bless.