The King Asks For One Thing

My King has made His preparations. He has prepared a feast upon His Holy Mountain~ a feast of rich food and pure wine. The mountain was Calvary; the rich food His very Body and the pure wine His Precious Blood.  The table of the King is spread before me; I want for nothing.
My King knows that without Him, I have and can do nothing. He has prepared and offered it all. He has even provided the proper garment. My King asks for one thing and one thing only~acceptance of the invitation and the garment so as to be with Him always.


mary333 said…
This is a very beautiful meditation. In very few words you have spoken volumes. I loved this post and the invitation too. Thank you!
Colleen said…
Amen! Beautiful. Hugs and blessings.
Karinann said…
Thanks Mary and Colleen. Nothing came to me that I thought worth writing until last night and even this final result is not where I thought the post would go~glad it did though.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful post! Thank you.