In Mary's Company

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Fr. Francis Ferdinand, in In Conversation With God, writes in his meditation for this Sunday:
"There is no better way of preparing for Christmas, which is now so close, than by keeping Mary company, getting to know her and deepening our love and trust in her."
I love this thought of keeping Our Lady company, of being in her company. Fr. Joseph Homick also uses this same phrase in his book A Place Prepared By God when speaking about praying the Rosary. When I read those words in Fr. Joseph's book, praying the Rosary took on a much deeper dimension. I could imagine myself in Mary's presence and be assured of her constant presence with me.
Staying in the company of Our Lady will keep us close to Jesus, for Mary is not the way but she will always lead us to her Son who is the Way.
In this final week of the Advent season when things in our everyday life get busier, let us remind ourselves to slow down and spend some time with Mary in preparing for Jesus' coming. In doing so we will be able to say with her: My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior. (Luke 1:46~47)

Heavenly Father,
You sent Your Son, conceived in the Virgin's womb by the power of the Holy Spirit. May this same Holy Spirit overshadow us so that Christ will be born in us. In staying in the company of Mary we are drawn closer to Christ; with her and through her intercession, may we lead others to Him as well. May Jesus be born in the hearts of many this Christmas.


Anne said…
Lovely post Karinann!
Colleen said…
Love your post and prayer. Love the thought of keeping company with Mary. Have a blessed week!
Michael said…
I love that thought as well. Although it felt so awkward when I first read it ... Keep our Blessed Mother company? Am I worthy enough to do that??

God Bless you.
Karinann said…
Thanks Anne, Colleen and Michael.
Michael, we may not be worthy to keep her company, but I would like to believe that like any good mother, she does desire the company of her children.

Thanks for your comments on this one and continued Advent blessings to all of you.

Whenever I pray the rosary I put myself in Mary's lap with an attitude of love. Everything in life seems overwhelming but in her lap everything is simple.
Karinann said…
From that vantage point maybe we can see things from Mary's simple and humble perspective.Thanks for your thoughts on this one Barb and God bless.