Thankful Praise At Year's End

Heavenly Father,
You have given me the gift of this past year~365 days of blessings and graces. Each day in itself was a gift from You. Each day held its share of joys, sorrows and trials, all of them gifts.
Thank You Father for each of these days. Forgive me for the times I refused, ignored or was unaware of the graces You offered in a particular moment.
Thank You for the people You sent my way to support me in prayer and friendship, and for those who posed challenges to love.
Thank You above all for Your greatest and most precious gift, that of Your Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Father, I offer You this prayer of humble gratitude and praise in Jesus' name.


christopher said…
Amen. Happy New Year :)
Karinann said…
Thanks Christopher and a Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your family.
noreen said…
It is so true that I can either refuse, ignore or be unaware of the graces He has offered to me because I'm so busy in the moment. Thank you for the wonderful prayer.
Karinann said…
Glad you liked the prayer, Noreen. Many blessings and graces to you in the new year.