Around The Blogosphere

It is time for another trip around Catholic blogland. Since the last time I posted about this, I have come across some more worthy reads from fellow Catholic bloggers.

As we prepare to enter into Holy Week, we begin to reflect more on Our Lord's Passion and Death. Fr. Joseph Homick has a beautiful series of reflections on the Sorrowful Mysteries which will help, if read prayerfully, to enter more deeply into Christ's Passion. I linked to the First Sorrowful Mystery, but you can get to the others once on his blog, Making All Things New.

Mark Mallet has a wonder and powerful blog titled: Mark Mallet: Spiritual Food For Thought. In his post Warnings in the Wind, he certainly gives us food for thought and prayer. I warn you that his blog and, particularly this post, are not easy to read, but this post is a must be read and needs to be taken seriously given the times we are living in.

In Two Doors Down, Caroline at Bell of the Wanderer shares a beautifully poignant and honest post about loving our neighbor, even when it is especially hard to do so.

In Jesus Is My Home, Colleen at Thoughts on Grace shares the experience with which many of us are familiar~that of feeling lonely in this harsh and secularized world. She goes on to describe how she, and all of us can find our home in Jesus and His Church.

I will leave you with these four blogs to visit for now. I wish everyone a blessed Holy Week leading to a joyful Easter.
Until next time~see you around the blogosphere!


Colleen said…
Thanks for mentioning my article!
Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter! Hugs and prayers!