St Joseph: A Powerful Intercessor

Rembrandt's Dream of St Joseph

March is devoted to St Joseph. While we do not hear much about this great saint in Scripture, he is an extremely powerful intercessor. In his earthly life he was a humble carpenter by trade. Yet beneath that humble exterior was the strength God gave him to be the earthly spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster father of Our Lord Jesus Christ. St Joseph is the patron of many causes: the universal Church, a happy death, and workers, just to name a few. I often think he is the saint most taken for granted.
The saints throughout the ages, though tell us of the importance of devotion to Joseph. St Teresa of Avila had said that progress in the spiritual life was not possible without devotion to St Joseph.
So let us take this month to either begin or renew our devotion to Joseph. After all, if he was good enough for Jesus and Mary, he is certainly good enough for all of us.
As always, you can find prayers for the monthly devotion on my left side bar~ just click the picture.

St Joseph, most humble and chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father of Our Lord Jesus Christ pray for us, intercede for those we love. Renew and protect the Universal Church and bring all those who have died and will die this day to a holy and happy death.

*Reprint from 2011


Patricia said…
Karin,thank you so much for this reminder, and for the prayer on your sidebar. I am one of those who "forget" about St.Joseph..probably because there is so little we really know about his life, and we have no record of anything he said. But the absence of all of that makes me wonder whether he may be one of the great surprises in heaven.

i will pray with you this month, and then hopefully continue in devotion to him.

Hope Lent is going well for you!
Karinann said…
You are welcome, Patricia. I too often let my devotion to St Joseph lapse. St Teresa of Avila has said that devotion to this great saint is crucial to progress in the spiritual life. Who am I to argue with St Teresa :)
Enjoying Lent so far; hope yours is going well too.
Colleen @ ID said…
I am sorry St. Joseph, I don't remember you enough. Karinann I do remember, now, how often St. Teresa spoke of St. Joseph. I just asked his intercession for my parents.
Karinann said…
I too don't give St Joseph his due, but if he was good enough for Jesus and Mary, he certainly is good enough for me :)