God's Mercy Being Lived Behind Stone Walls


I have been a follower of Fr. Gordon MacRae's blog, These Stone Walls since its beginning. After reading much of his case, I have also been a sort of sideline champion of his cause, posting about his case and his blog here every now and again.
Over the course of Father's posts, he has introduced us to his cellmate Pornchai Moontri. Several stories have been written about this young man, and for good reason. His story is one of conversion, faith, hope and love despite the toughest of circumstances~before and during prison.
The latest story is from Felix Carroll of the Divine Mercy site. His article titled Mercy~Inside Those Stone Walls tells the story of this young man and the beautiful influence his friendship with Fr. Gordon has been in his life.
If you have never visited These Stone Walls, I invite you to do so. Even if all you do is leave a comment offering a prayer for Father and the men there. That means more than you know. We may not all be able to visit Father in person, but visiting his blog definitely counts as a prison visit.
Fr. Gordon also celebrates Mass in his cell every Sunday between 11 pm and midnight. You can offer and unite your prayers with his during this time.

I am not leaving a link for this post on The Front Porch. Go spend the time you would have spent leaving me a comment reading Felix Carroll's article and Fr. Gordon's latest post.