In The Power of the Spirit

"Jesus returned to Galillee in the power of the spirit..." These words that begin the 14th verse of Chapter 4 in Luke's Gospel, to me, are quite compelling. In fact, this entire passage is one I find to be one of the most powerful in the Gospels.
In a homily given by one of my parish priests, Father went on to tell us that it wasn't or isn't just Jesus that lives in the power of the Spirit, but that we each do. This same Holy Spirit was given to us at our Baptism and at Confirmation. This Holy Spirit manifests itself in us, in our daily lives, and goes out to touch those we encounter each day if we cooperate with the power from the Spirit.
Father gave the example of a sort of homework assignment he had given to someone he was ministering to. He told the person to buy a single rose on his way home. The person went and did what Father asked him to do, but the florist would not sell him a single rose. So he went off to the supermarket and found that for less money than he would have spent at the florist, he could buy a dozen roses. This person kept one and gave the rest away. Father told us that he really did not know where the idea of telling this person to buy the rose came from, and that this person wasn't really sure why he was buying the dozen roses. This, Father said was evidence of the Spirit at work in both their lives~not to mention the eleven people who received a rose.
Jesus lived the power of the Spirit every day of His life; it was part of His Divine Nature after all, but we have been blessed with this same gift. We are not divine by nature, so it takes some extra attention to the Spirit's promptings on our part, but it is possible.
So where is the Holy Spirit leading you today? How is He working in your every day life?
Remember, the Spirit is upon all of us~let's cooperate!

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