God Says Stop And Rest

Well it is official. Today's snowstorm is an all out blizzard! Last Saturday was just a teaser in this blogger's part of the world. But I am not simply posting a weather report. While snow of this magnitude brings its inconveniences, hardships and for some even dangers, it also brings a few gifts.
It is rare that New Jersey ever comes to a stop, but in a storm like this, it almost does. I sometimes think this is God's way of saying, "You all need to just STOP! Be still , see and remember that I AM God!" Because in these conditions there really is not much you can do beyond your own front door. You have to stop and you are given the opportunity to do things you have not had a chance to do. For those with children at home, they get to spend some added time with them, for people like me who live alone, it is a chance to catch up on reading, additional prayer time, and making of some comfort foods.

My job has kept me going at a speed far to fast these days. That unfortunately can not be helped right now. However, it has been my experience that when my life seems to be going at whirlwind speeds, and I can't seem to slow down on my own, God does it for me. Usually he does it in the form of a bad cold or flu that forces me to stay home. This time it came in the form of a thick, white blanket (that continues to get thicker as I write!).
I took the pictures you see this morning. They are a gift for my friend Colleen who lives in Florida. During last weekend's mini storm she asked if I had any pictures. There wasn't much to see with that one. So Colleen, I hope you enjoy these. (they are not great, but will give you a taste of those northeastern winters you sometimes miss.)

Yes, in the pristine whiteness of the newly fallen and continuing falling snow, we can stop and know that God indeed reigns~ and sometimes He snows! (Sorry couldn't resist that one.)


Colleen said…
I love these pictures!!! Thank you so much! They are beautiful to me and I almost feel like I am there. I used to always love it when a new snow came and blanketed everything. Just gorgoeus. And it is 50 to 60 degrees here in Florida today so I even feel cold as I look at these!
And I love the "God reigns - God snows" comment. Cute, very cute. :)
Karinann said…
Glad you enjoyed the cyber-snowstorm Colleen. Now if I could have your 50 degrees to melt this now that I've enjoyed the beauty and got my snow day :)
Anne said…
Beautiful pictures! We had our own snowstorm here yesterday, my back still aches from shoveling!
Karinann said…
Anne, thanks for stopping by and reading both of my posts today.
Michael said…
I wish I had read this during the storm. Perhaps I would have had better perspective!
Karinann said…
Well Michael, you can always return to this post during the next storm. I'm sure we will get blasted one more time or so before winter ends :)