Two Great Voices in the Church Today

I found this short clip over at Word On Fire. It is from a fund raising event that took place at the residence of Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York. The event was to support Fr Robert barron's Catholicism Project. In the this clip which is just over 2 minutes, the archbishop talks about doing away with the false perception of Catholics being dour, grumpy people and show how we are or at least should be, people filled with great joy. Fr Barron expands on that with a bit about his project and reminding us of how the early Christians lived their lives.
You can read and see more about Fr Barron's project by clicking the link above.
As we begin the holy season of Lent tomorrow, let us remember that while this is a serious and solemn season, we should live it with great joy for Christ is at the heart of that joy. Through His Passion, death and resurrection, we have been given the gift of our rich faith and life in eternity with Him.


Colleen said…
I love this. One of the books I will be reading this Lent is called The Joy of Lent! Yes, as you said, we need to live it with great joy! What a gift! God bless.
Anne said…
Two great men! Thanks for posting this Karinann!
Karinann said…
Anne, I knew you would enjoy this one!