Addendum To Recent Post: The Aborted Child And Redemptive Love

For those of you who read my recent post on Fr. Wall's pamphlet: An Imaginary Confession, I have added a note to the end of that post. I had passed that article on to our facilitator who has been running Rachel's Vineyard retreats in our archdiocese for more than 10 years. She raised some valid concerns about the imaginary confession especially for those who may not have had any or very little healing since their abortion.Every person's experience with healing is different and comes at different rates. God gives each of us what we are ready for when we are ready to accept it.
If you read my post earlier in the week, I thank you for taking the time to do so and for your supportive and encouraging comments, but I do urge you to go back and read the brief note that I have added to the end of the post.