Solemnity Of St Joseph

 Scripture does not tell us much about this glorious saint, but St Joseph is a model of purity, chastity, humility and strength. In this day and age when our young boys and men are being told that most of these qualities and virtues are weaknesses rather than strengths, may we recommend our young men to the intercession and protection of this patriarch of the Holy Family.
God saw him fit to protect Jesus and Mary; that should be enough for us to deepen or begin our devotion to this great saint.
Many saints throughout the ages believed that devotion to St Joseph was imperative to growth in the spiritual life.
For your meditation and contemplation today, I have listed the seven sorrows and joys of St Joseph. When we think of the seven sorrows, we usually think of Mary's. St Joseph had his own as well.

The Seven Sorrows of Saint Joseph         
1. The doubts of St. Joseph        
2. The poverty of Jesus' birth        
3. The Circumcision        
4. The prophecy of Simeon        
5. The flight into Egypt        
6. The return to Nazareth        
7. The loss of the Child Jesus        

The Seven Joys of Saint Joseph
1. Told of the Incarnation
2. Angels adore the Infant Jesus
3. Holy Name of Jesus
4. Effects of the Redemption
5. Overthrow of the idols in Egypt
6. Life with Jesus & Mary
7. Jesus found in the temple

Let us pray:
St Joseph,
Most holy and chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father of our Lord Jesus Christ, pray for us, intercede for those we love, renew and protect the Catholic Church, and bring all those who have died and will die today to a holy and happy death.

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Colleen said…
I did not know about the sorrows and joys of Joseph. Thank you!!