Thoughts On The Fig Tree And Me

 Looking back at the person I was, I can see how like the fig tree I appeared to be healthy and productive, but also like the fig tree, upon closer inspection it was clear that there was no life and no fruit being produced. How many times, I wonder, did God come to me looking for fruit and found none? How many times did He think about "cutting me down"?
The fig tree had a kind benefactor who pleaded with the master of the vineyard for just one more year; just give it one more chance to bear some fruit, one more season to see if it will finally do what God created it to do.
So much of my life was spent doing everything but what God created me to do. Then one day, because I too had kind benefactors who pleaded with the Master of the Vineyard in the form of their prayers, felt the call to do what God had created me to do. I returned to Him ready and willing to bear fruit for Him.
We never really find out what happened to that fig tree, and my own time in the "vineyard"
still has its good and bad seasons, but I pray the Master sees the potential for growth and in His divine mercy will grant me another season and the chance to bear Him fruit for the growth of His Kingdom here on earth.
So how is your fig tree doing?


Anne said…
I could use a little more fertilizer and some gentle tilling. I've a long way to go to produce the fruit that the Lord has created me for! I pray for a couple more seasons to work on it!
Lynn said…
Well, I'm drinking the water and eating the food of prayer and there is some fruit - but the Lord isn't finished yet pruning this tree.
Mary333 said…
Couldn't I relate to this post! I think about this scripture verse, too, I certainly didn't bear any good fruit when I was younger!Someone was interceding for me! On a brighter note : Some of the worst sinners became great saints :) So, there's hope for those of us who entered the vineyard late. And they got the same pay as the earlier workers! God is good :)
Colleen said…
I still have good and bad seasons too. Like Anne I need some more fertilizer I think. But God continually plants the seeds and I have seen some fruit.
Great post!
Karinann said…
Great comments ladies! Actually when I wrote that question at the end, I didn't really mean or expect anyone to answer it, so thanks for your candor with that. I guess as Anne and Colleen said we could all use a little fertilizer now and then. Perhaps that comes in the form of God's grace.