Love Keeps Him There

Jesus' love for each of us is so great that He wishes to remain with us. He does this by giving Himself to us in the Eucharist. He waits for us in the tabernacle as if being held prisoner. What is it that keeps Him there?
St Margaret Mary tells us it is love that keeps Him there.
So many sacrileges are committed against this Heart that loves each of us more than we can imagine. One of our Lord's most heartbreaking complaints was that so few return His love.
In receiving Him and in spending time with Him, may our hearts become more like His.
Jesus meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto thine.
On this First Friday in this month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we can reflect on these words written by St Margaret Mary who was chosen by Christ to spread the devotion to His Sacred Heart.

"One cannot love without suffering. He [Jesus] showed us this very clearly upon the cross, where He was consumed for love of us. And it is still the same every day in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar... Since love makes lovers one in likeness, if we love, let us model our lives on His."
"Love keeps Him there [in the Blessed Sacrament] as a victim completely and perpetually delivered over to sacrifice for the glory of the Father and for our salvation. Unite yourself with Him, then, in all that you do. Refer everything to His glory. Set up your abode in this loving Heart of Jesus and you will there find lasting peace and the strength both to bring to fruition all the good desires He inspires in you, and to avoid every deliberate fault. Place in this Heart all your sufferings and difficulties. Everything that comes from the Sacred Heart is sweet. He changes everything into love."
- from the letters of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque



Thank you for this post Karinann. A timely reminder.

God bless you.
Mary333 said…
This is a great meditation on the Sacred Heart!
Anne said…
"Everything that comes from the Sacred Heart is sweet" I love that! I am praying a novena to the Sacred Heart every day this month. On the 2nd, I found a piece of red sea glass (extremely rare to find red!) in the shape of a heart with a gash in it. I took it as a sign that He is pleased with my prayer and my intentions.

Thanks for this beautiful post and for all that you do!
Karinann said…
Thank you all for your thoughts and comments on this post.
Anne- what a beautiful gift from the sea you received as a reminder of God's love.
Colleen said…
Beautiful reflection. Hugs!