A Prayer For A Friend

I learned awhile ago about a dear friend who has sort of lost his way. He has left his Catholic faith and has become estranged from his family. They, needless to say are heartbroken and somewhat angry. I still keep in touch with his sister and she just can't find an explanation for what he has done and why he has done it.
In his case it is not drugs or alcohol that have a grip on him, but it seems to be his own pride and fear. Fear that things are too far gone to come back.
Today is his birthday and for whatever reason, God has put him very heavily on my heart to pray for him today.
I would ask all who read this to utter a short prayer for him as well. My prayer for him is that he will find the humility and courage of the prodigal son and return not just to his earthly father, but his Heavenly one as well. I also pray for his family that if he should return, they will find it in their hearts to forgive him and welcome him back into their fold.
In thinking and praying about him today, I thought of this song by Casting Crowns; it is very fitting and expresses my prayer for my friend perfectly.
Thank you in advance for your prayers.


Mary333 said…
I'm glad I read this before I left for Adoration. I'll pray for him while I'm there.

You too of course!
Karinann said…
Thank you, Mary! Enjoy your time with Jesus :)
Praying for your friend.

God bless.
Bernie said…
Will keep your friend and his family in my heart and prayers.
......:-) hugs
Mary333 said…
I did enjoy it! I may go again tomorrow. I'm trying to squeeze in extra time before Michaela gets out of school. I've brought her with me before but she gets antsy after about 15 minutes and wants to light candles:) Casting Crowns are great by the way. My husband likes them, too.
Karinann said…
Thanks for the prayers everyone! May God's will be done in His perfect time.
May the Lord reach this man in the deepest part of his soul so that he remembers the MERCY, LOVE, and FORGIVENESS that were once his and are still there for him now. He is blessed to have you for a friend.