Longing For The Giver

The Meditation for the Day in Magnificat this morning was one of those reflections that seemed to draw me to it  more than once, and with each prayerful reading, I seemed to receive more and something different from it.
The reflection is a prayer from the prayer book of the Armenian monk and mystic St Gregory of Narek. The title of the prayer book is Speaking With God From the Depths of the Heart. The particular prayer in Magnificat this morning is from the saint's Prayer no. 12, Bedtime Prayer.
I did not know anything about St Gregory of Narek, but after reading his beautiful prayer that speaks of yearning not so much for God's gifts but for God Himself, I wanted to know a little more about him. I found this wonderful site dedicated to his prayers.
This prayer is a wonderful reminder that God, the giver of all good gifts is Himself, the greatest gift of all. How blessed are we His creatures to be receivers of Him and all His gifts.
A little added side note on St Gregory of Narek~ he is also one of the saints on the list to be named a Doctor of the Church in the near future. After reading some of his beautiful prayers, I can see why.
Here is part of the Bedtime prayer. You can read the prayer in full, along with his other prayers by clicking on the link above.

Prayer No. 12: Bedtime Prayer

Not only do I call, but I believe in the Lord’s greatness. 
I pray not only for his rewards but also for himself,  the essence of life, guarantor of giving and  taking of breath  without whom there is no movement, no progress,  to whom I am tied not so much by the knot of hope  as by the bonds of love.  
I long not so much for the gifts  as for the giver.  
I yearn not so much for the glory  as the glorified.  
I burn not so much with the desire for life  as in memory of the giver of life.  
I sigh not so much with the rapture of splendor  as with the heartfelt fervor for its maker.  I seek not so much for rest  as for the face of our comforter.  
I pine not so much for the bridal feast  as for the distress of the groom,  through whose strength I wait with certain  expectation believing with unwavering hope  that in spite of the weight of my transgressions  I shall be saved by the Lord’s mighty hand and  that I will not only receive remission of sins  but that I will see the Lord himself  in his mercy and compassion  and receive the legacy of heaven  although I richly deserve to be disowned. 


Karinann, I have bookmarked the site so I can refer to these prayers later. This bedtime prayer is beautiful.
Karinann said…
Glad you liked the prayer Colleen. I bookmarked the site as well. I am also thinking of purchasing the book with his prayers and writings to take on retreat with me in a few weeks.
Thanks for commenting and God bless.