Return From The Sea

Sunset Over the Bay

Well, I am back from my week of silence by the sea. I have come to expect awesome things from God during these days and He never disappoints me. The weather was beautiful, the sunrises and sunsets breath taking. I heard Him in everything and everywhere.
Thomas Merton proved to be a wonderful teacher and spiritual director of sorts for me. I read his Thoughts in Solitude and A Book of Hours which served as a wonderful prayer book. His writings also inspired my own. 
I have lots to share and will do so little by little. Some of my writng/journaling took the form of reflections. I do plan to share them with all of you, but not sure how yet~maybe in the form of an e~book or as a stand alone page on this blog. 
The first thing I will share is a slideshow I put together from the pictures I took. Some came out better than others. (Keep in mind they were taken with my camera phone) The music is Seventh Day Slumber's Oceans From the Rain and Chris Tomlin's Glory in the Highest. The slideshow loops so that you get to hear all of Chris Tomlin's beautiful song. There are 40 slides in all.
Thank you to all of you who kept me in your prayers this past week~know that they were answered and bore much spiritual fruit which I hope to use to God's glory.
Enjoy the pictures, the Scripture and the music...

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Colleen said…
Welcome back! I have been praying for you! I look forward to reading your reflections.
I leave on my own retreat Monday.
God bless!
mary333 said…
Welcome back, Karin! I'm glad God spoiled you again on your retreat :) The slideshow was beautiful and I loved how the Psalms fit in perfect with the photos. My favorites were the sunrises and sunsets (I'm partial to them)and I loved the rocks scattered on the beach. I pray that the fruits of your retreat are abundant. Just think, Karin, someday we will live in perpetual wonder at the Glory of God. God bless you :)
Karinann said…
Colleen, Thanks and I will be praying for you while you are on retreat.

Mary, Thanks for taking the time to view the slide show. I'm glad you thought the Scripture verses fit-after awhile of looking for the right ones, I wasn't sure. (Thank God for Douay-Rheims online; it made things a little easier.)The rocks scattered on the beach looked like God's gem shop. There were tons of them and I brought a few home to add to my collection.
Living in perpetual wonder at the Glory of God~now that is something to look forward to!
God bless you as well.
Anonymous said…
this is great! awesome slide show!!
have you heard of 7th day slumber's new album?? i just heard about it in another blog. check it

Seventh Day Slumber pulls "no punches" in upcoming album
Karinann said…
Thanks John. It's easy to put together an awesome slide show when God gives such great artistry in nature to work with. I haven't heard anything from their new album yet. I will check it out though~ thanks for the link.
God bless.
Colleen said…
I came back to look at the slide show. beautiful pictures! Someday I hope to go there on retreat. I keep praying! Thanks for sharing your beautiful moments on film! Hugs and blessings!
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen. Glad you enjoyed the slide show. Hugs & blessings as well as prayers for you upcoming retreat. I have one of these pictures as my computer wallpaper at home and at work so I can keep a little of the retreat with me. :)
Great slide show Karinann. Welcome back.

Looking forwards to reading all about your retreat.

God bless.
Karinann said…
Thanks Victor. I have about 10 reflections that I wrote over the course of the week that I am trying to organize~Hope to have them ready soon.
Colleen @ ID said…
I enjoyed the slide show to the music very much too, Karinann. I am worried about your eyes though. That was a lot of pictures of the sun even if it was setting or rising ;) One of the sunset pictures had almost a double sun--looked a little mystical. Also looking forward to your upcoming reflections.
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen~ glad you enjoyed it. As for my eyes they seem to be fine. The one picture you mentioned with the "double sun was taken almost blindly. When I looked into the camera I really didn't have a clear picture of what I was taking; I just snapped it and that was the result.
Michael said…
Welcome back! Can't wait to read your reflections!

God Bless you
Karinann said…
Thanks Michael. The reflections should be up soon.
Anne said…
Karinann, thank you so much for this lovely slide show! What a precious gift! I enjoyed it very much!
Karinann said…
You are welcome Anne. Thank you for taking the time to watch it. Glad you enjoyed it.
God bless.
Kathryn said…
Thank you for sharing your slide show with us! It is wonderful. So happy to hear your retreat went well.

Karinann said…
Glad you enjoyed the slideshow, Kathryn. Thanks for taking the time to view it.
God bless.
christopher said…
Welcome back to the world! I said a rosary for you on every day of your retreat that it would be fruitful. Can't wait to hear more :)
Karinann said…
Thank you for all that spiritual generosity! I would say that much fruit came of those prayers.
I am still working on the reflections that seemed to write themselves during those days-getting them organized to post as a booklet of sorts. it is a bigger project than I anticipated. Hopefully I will have it done by the end of next week.
Thanks for the welcome back, but trying to keep a little of me there by the sea.
christopher said…
Glad to hear, I said one for you as I promised the day before you left but for some reason the next day I just continued it and it went on through the week!
Karinann said…
I must have really needed it! Thanks again:)