I Have Seen My Salvation

I was reading some commentary in Magnificat on today's feast of the presentation of the Lord. It spoke about how on that particular day, many people were coming and going in the Temple, but most did not recognize the Messiah in the tiny infant Mary and Joseph brought to the Temple that day. To them it was just another Jewish couple bringing their first born son as dictated by the law. However, a few did recognize who this baby was...
Simeon declares with great excitement the true identity of this Baby as he takes Him in his arms. Simeon declares that he can now die in peace because he has seen his salvation. This one little line in Scripture (Luke 2:28~30) is one of my favorites. Simeon looks at the Infant Jesus and instantly recognizes that in this Child, his salvation lies, and so it is for us. We can look at Jesus during the elevation at Mass or exposed in the Monstrance during Adoration and echo Simeon's words: "I have seen my Salvation!"
Anna, the prophetess too must have recognized this Child too although not much is told about her. She never left the Temple and spent her days fasting and praying. How could this holy woman not have recognized the Messiah.
Whether we shout it from the mountaintops like Simeon or ponder it in our hearts as Anna, let us look at Jesus and thankfully and humbly recognize our Salvation.


Colleen @ ID said…
Love this feast. Great picture. How precious the little newborn is in the elderly man's hands playing Simeon here! Went to Mass this morning and the priest, even older than the man in this photo said, "Such a seemingly simple event. Thousands of Jewish parents had brought their first born sons and presented them to the Lord as dictated to them through Moses. But here was the Messiah being presented to the Lord. Here is the event that joins the Old and New Testament together. Here was the sorrow of Mary learning that her precious baby, her newborn Son, as Messiah would suffer and she would suffer, and those who believed in him would suffer." Not a simple feast at all. There is reason that we said the Gloria today!
Karinann said…
Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts on this wonderful feast. Indeed, it is why the Gloria is said.
God bless.
Colleen said…
Great post. Love the picture. Really brings tears to my eyes. I have always loved this gospel and Simeon. I still often refer to moments of experiencing Christ as Simeon moments.
But even more than that - his faith. HE knew he would see the Messiah someday and then he did. In the face of a little baby. Wow.
Thanks Karinann! God bless.
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen. I found this picture quite powerful too. I love your "Simeon Moments"~ that does capture our experiences with Christ.
God bless you as well.