What Makes God Forget Our Sins?

One answer to that question is faith, our own and also that of those who love us. It was the faith of the four friends of the paralytic that prompted Our Lord to tell this man that his sins were forgiven and because they were forgiven, those sins were forgotten. Yes, a physical healing may have taken place, but it was the healing balm of Christ's mercy that allowed the man to walk away in the sight of the doubting and disbelieving crowd. Many in that crowd may have doubted who Jesus was, but at the sight of the once paralyzed man, some may have turned to God in awe and praise.
In my own life, I know first hand the paralyzing effect of sin. The shame, guilt, and fear that comes with those sins further the paralysis. Like the man in today's Gospel, I too had a friend whose faith was stronger than my own at the time. At a time when my sins and their effects held me in a paralyzing grip, my friend brought me to Jesus through prayer and the faith he had in Jesus'healing power.
Our faith in God, in His promises, and in His desire to have us close to Him makes Him forget our sins. It is the devil who would like us to stay in the paralyzing grip of sin. It was Satan's voice speaking in the disbelieving crowd that day, and it is his voice we hear when we try to turn from sin. The voice that tells us we are not good enough, that God could never forgive this or that sin.
It is God who wants to do things in us and for us; it is He who makes all things new. He tells us in Isaiah:
 In the desert I make a way,in the wasteland, rivers.The people I formed for myself,that they might announce my praise... It is I, I, who wipe out,for my own sake, your offenses; your sins I remember no more. (Isaiah 43: 19, 25)
Let us not weary God with our sins, but confess them, and with God and by our faith, for get them.


Michael said…
Really enjoyed your perspective on the Gospel today!

God Bless.
Colleen @ ID said…
Love the picture and, like Michael, your perspective. Takes much faith to believe God in his word that even though we recall our offenses, he doesn't. His love is so much better and greater than our faith and knowledge of his love. Thank you for your patience with us, Lord. Truly your ways our as high above ours as the heavens above the earth!
Karinann said…
Thanks Michael and Colleen. In thinking about Jesus' words to the paralytic to rise and walk, I was brought back to the passage from Isaiah where God tells His people He has forgotten their sins. He tells us the same every time we approach His mercy.
Colleen said…
Great article. Love the picture, too! Hugs and blessings!
Caroline said…
This is such a great Scripture..I love your thoughts especially on the paralyzing effects of sin ..I think we were on the same page..I just saw we used the same picture! : ) +
mary333 said…
Hi Karin,
This is an excellent post. I've always thought of sin as a form of paralysis too and loved how you connect the two here. I believe we'll all be amazed someday when we see just how much Jesus freed us from. God is good.
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen, Caroline and Mary.
Mary, I think too we will be amazed at how often Our Lady stepped in for us as well.

Thanks ladies and God bless.
Patricia said…
Karin, beautiful thoughts on God's Mercy as we begin Lent. Thank you!

I always love to remember Jesus' Words to St. Margaret Mary when her spiritual director wanted proof of her visions and told her to ask Jesus what his last mortal sin was...and Our Lord told her to tell Him, "I don't remember."

What comfort in that! How total is His forgiveness...but could we imagine anything less!

I just wish I could not only forgive, but also forget.

Have a blessed Lent, dear Karin.

Karinann said…
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, Patricia. I just read those words to St Margaret Mary's spiritual director. What an awesome reminder to us of the mind of God.