The Perfect Valentine

I am not a very big fan of Valentine's Day. Even when I was dating and then married, the day was not a big deal to me. On top of that St Valentine really has little to do with how this "holiday" is celebrated. Yes, I am a cynic and not much of a romantic, what can I say.
Last year I came across a poem called Valentine's Day with Jesus. I think it better describes what a valentine and this day should be about. The hearts, flowers and candy are all nice, but I much prefer Jesus' gift of Eternal life with Him.
You can read the poem here.
Despite my cynicism :) Happy Valentine's Day to all.


Colleen said…
Karinann, my hubby and I have never been big on Valentines Day either. We try to treat each other special every day! I will read that poem! Thanks.
Caroline said… husband always says he's not big on it...then he buys me flowers : )
Would you mind that I tag you to do a very easy 'meme'? I'd actually love to see your list.

Blessings and +
Karinann said…
Thanks Colleen and Caroline. I hope you both had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
Caroline- go ahead and tag me~I am always up for a good meme.