All Seems to Be Well

Those of you who have tried to visit here over the last two days found some unpleasant warnings from Google. I have, with Blogger's help, managed to fix the problem. So the coast is clear.
It seems the malware was embedded in one of the sites I was following either on my bloglist or my Catholic Links list. I have removed both of those gadgets. That seemed to do the trick. Since I do like the benefit of allowing other vistors to visit the blogs I follow, I will try rebuilding that gadget with your blogs. If the warning comes back, I guess it will have to be removed permanently~we'll see.
Some of this was brought on by my own naivete and laziness. Here are a few things you may want to do to beef up the security of your own blogs (if you don't already do them.)

1. Change your password every so often.

2. If using Google Chrome, do not leave your Dashboard or e-mail open via a bookmark on the toolbar.

3. Sign out of e-mail and Google account at the end of each session.

Thanks for your patience in this. Hope you come back to visit soon.