Prisoner Love

I offer this reflection for your prayer and meditation today. It is from The Way of Divine Love. This book contains the words of  Our Lord to Sr. Josefa Mendez. In this reflection, Jesus speaks to her of His love for us, and His desire for souls to spend time with Him, even for just a few minutes, before the Blessed Sacrament.
At the end of the reflection, Jesus asks Sr. Josefa if she loves Him; we can insert our names into that question as well.

"I live in the midst of sinners that I may be their life, their physician, and the remedy of the diseases bred by corrupt nature. And in return they forsake, insult and despise Me!... 

"Poor pitiable sinners, do not turn away from Me... Day and night I am on the watch for you in the tabernacle. I will not reproach you... I will not cast your sins in your face... But I will wash them in My Blood and in My Wounds. No need to be afraid... come to Me... If you but knew how dearly I love you.

"And you, dear souls, why this coldness and indifference on your part?... Do I not know that family cares... household concerns... and the requirements of your position in life... make continual calls upon you?...But cannot you spare a few minutes in which to come and prove your affection and gratitude? Do not allow yourselves to be involved in useless and incessant cares, but spare a few moments to visit and receive this Prisoner Love!...

"Were you weak or ill in body surely you would find time to see a doctor who would cure you?... Come, then, to One who is able to give both strength and health to your soul, and bestow the alms of love on this Divine Prisoner who watches for you, calls for you and longs to see you at His side.

"When about to institute the Blessed Sacrament, Josefa, these were My feelings, but I have not yet told you what My Heart felt at the thought of My chosen souls; My religious, My priests... but I will tell you all this later on. Go, now, and do not forget that My Heart loves you... and, Josefa, do you love Me?... "

The Way of Divine Love
The Words of Our Lord to Sr. Josefa Menendez

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