Book Recommendation

Hinds' Feet on High Places

Several years ago a dear friend gave me a book to read. She prefaced the gift by saying that she didn't give this book to just anyone and felt I was ready to read it. The book is
Hinds' Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. The title comes from the Old Testament book of Habakuk 3:19. It is an allegory of the journey we each need to take before we can live on the "high places". As I read the book the first time, I immediately recognized myself in the main character "Much Afraid". Like her, I often forget to call the Shepherd and trust that He will come when my enemies Pride, Fear, Doubt and Despair (and others) rear their ugly heads.
"Much Afraid" learns a lot on her journey, and like most of us, has many setbacks. The main lesson of the story is to never lose hope and to remember that all we need to do is call the name of the "Good Shepherd". He will be at our sides as soon as we call. There are many other lessons to be learned depending on where we are on our journey. "Much Afraid" has an awesome adventurous journey and even comes to be called by a "new name"(which I won't give away in case you haven't read the book).

Since receiving this book, I have made it my own personal Christmas tradition to reread it every Christmas. It helps me to take stock of where I am on my journey. Sometimes I am still
"Much Afraid" and sometimes I am a little closer to hearing our Good Shepherd call me by my new name.

How about you? If you haven't read this book, I highly recommend it. I believe it was first published in the 1970's so it may be out of print. There are plenty of online resources to help find out of print books. If you have read it, it certainly is worth rereading.