Saint Joseph

Yesterday's Gospel (Matthew 1:18-25) focused on Joseph's role in the birth of Christ. Like Mary, he also did not understand the angel's message. But also like Mary, he gave God his "yes". St. Frances de Sales says of St. Joseph that he was endowed with all the graces and all the gifts required by the charge that the Eternal Father willed to commit to him; the temporal and domestic care of Our Lord and the guidance of his family.
The infancy narratives are the only places we really hear about Joseph, but without this man's cooperation with the will of God Salvation history would not be complete. St. Joseph is the patron saint of many things- the Universal Church, a happy death, workers just to name a few. But I think he is the perfect role model for all men, especially fathers. His strength, gentleness and humility are virtues all good men should strive to live.
I have a friend who has a very strong devotion to St. Joseph. She prays for his intercession for just about everything and she will tell you he has never let her down. St. Teresa of Avila has also said that progress in the spiritual life needs devotion to St. Joseph (I'm paraphrasing).
So this Christmas after we have given thanks to our Heavenly Father for the gift of His Son, let's remember to thank Jesus' foster father as well.
My own Prayer to St. Joseph
St. Joseph pray for us.
Intercede for those we love.
Renew and protect the Universal Church.
Bring all those who have died or will die this day to a holy and happy death.


Micki said…
St. Joseph, please help find jobs for those who need work. Thank you for your personal aid in getting our son back to work after being laid off. You worked so fast we are still spinning.