Returning From The Sea

For my Sunday Meditation post this week I thought I would share my retreat photographs which I put together in a slide show. I am new to this whole Smilebox slide show thing so you will notice one or two repeat photos. Also I only had about 25 pictures so the show will loop until music is done~feel free to stop it once it becomes repetitive.
I don't normaly leave comments open on these Sunday posts, but will for this one in case any of you more seasoned photographers have any helpful hints or constructive criticisms to share.
Enjoy and have a Blessed Sunday!

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Anne said…
Karin, I can't offer you any suggestions or help, but I want to thank you for these beautiful pictures. It is a beautiful way to start my day! I am eager to see your new blog!
Anonymous said…
WOW! Awe inspiring. I rememeber when I lived in the Boston area and going to the Atlantic. The power of the waves contrasting with the surrounding beauty was incredible. Glad you had a fruitful retreat.
Deanna said…
Beautiful photographs set to a lovely musical tune in the smilebox slideshow.
This all turned out so surreal and peaceful.
What a wonderful place to visit and relax while basking in God's presence.

I am so pleased that I visited your blog today and saw your lovely post.

Dear Sister in Christ, you are a blessing to me.
Colleen said…
Thank you for these pictures! Beautiful and so peaceful. Thanks for the name of the retreat house. I hope to go there someday. My idea of a perfect retreat house. I once went to the beach near my home for a few day on retreat but it was just in a motel without the spiritual atmosphere, no chapel or Mass etc, so wasnt what I needed. I will check out your new blog.
~ Judy ~ said…
I especially loved "raging seas"...I could just imagine Our Lord out there in the boat, sleeping as they panicked!