Draw Me More Deeply

Whenever I assist at Mass, whether it be Sunday or daily Mass, one of the short prayers I pray before Mass is, "Lord, draw me more deeply into these Sacred Mysteries we are about to celebrate." I can't claim authorship of that little prayer, I read it somewhere back in the early days of my return to the Church.
Our Lord has answered that prayer in any number of ways over these last seven years. Today He answered it in yet another way through one of His priests. Father Christian Mathis is the author of the blog Blessed Is The Kingdom. Today he has begun a series of reflections on the the Eucharistic Prayer. In my humble layperson's opinion, this is a part of the Mass that we as the faithful don't quite know how to enter into fully, but need to or at least try to.
In his first post, Father Mathis gives a bit of an outline for where he will go with this series of reflections as well as a list of the eight elements of this prayer.
There is much to learn and gain from these reflections. If you have never visited Father Mathis' blog, now would be a great time to do so. The Mass is the greatest thing we can do and the greatest prayer we can pray. In this Year For Priests, I would like to thank Father Mathis for doing what every good priest is called to do, instruct the faithful and bring them closer to God.
Above in the beginning of this post is the link to Father Mathis' blog homepage, below are the links to the first two posts in his series of reflections on the Eucharistic Prayer.
Offering a Perpetual Sacrifice
The Eucharistic Prayer: Introduction
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Anne said…
The title alone drew me in more deeply-beautiful!
~ Judy ~ said…
Same here Anne! Thank you Karinann...I once heard of a Protestant minister that said "If I believed what you Catholics SAY you truly believe, then I would be CRAWLING with my face upon the floor up the aisle of the Church to my pew at every Mass."