Finding And Keeping Our Peace In Jesus

Some years ago, in the early days of my return to my faith, I found a beautiful journal. It has a cover of soft golden suede with shafts of wheat and the words: "Give us this day our daily bread" embossed on it. This journal has become a spiritual scrapbook of sorts. I found myself collecting prayer cards, writings of saints, favorite Scripture passages, and some reflections from Magnificat that have spoken to me or touched me in a special way.
I find myself picking up this very personal prayerbook whenever I am feeling a bit restless and in need of spiritual comfort. Last night was one such night. God often speaks to me in repetitious ways; He certainly knows I need it. When I picked my prayerbook up to begin perusing its contents, a page I had torn out of an old Magnificat had literally fallen in my lap. The title of the reflection was How To Have Peace In Jesus. Somehow I think Jesus knew this was what I was in need of at that moment. The reflection was written in the style of a prayer and expressed everything I was feeling and wanted to ask of Our Lord at that moment. I so often and so easily lose my peace in Jesus. This prayerful reflection by Servant of God Catherine de Hueck Doherty helped me to regain that peace and reminded me of how to keep it as well.
Read these words when you have time to allow them to sink in to your heart, mind and soul. May they be among the ways you find and keep your peace in Jesus.

Look at my unworthiness; look at Your kindness, Jesus, Son of Man, my Lord and my God. Forgive me and accept my thanks for allowing me another chance. I know my weakness. I know that without You I am nothing. Help me! Alone I cannot make one step. Let me see myself as I am. 
Make me realize these graces that You have allowed. Give me tolerance, understanding, humility, patience! Above all inflame my heart with an unquenchable love for You. Make me an alert servant, not a sloppy, tired lazy one as I have been until now. Do not allow me, Sweet Lord, to take unto myself any pride about my achievement; make me humbly realize that I am only an instrument. You know it is all for Your glory.
Make me more charitable, more gentle, more understanding with people. Give me humility~ then I shall be able to serve You as I must. Cure my laziness. Give me strength and determination for sacrifices and mortifications. Make me patient, controlling all anger, irritability and impatience.
Help me, O Master. Look not at the unworthiness of Your servant, but only on her desire to serve You. Enkindle that desire until, as a flame, it consumes me entirely! Bless all the things I do in Your name. Give me understanding of what I should do and what I should run away from. Give me Your love! In temporal things, give me my daily bread, and the rest as You will.Your will be done, not mine.


Anne said…
"God speaks to me in repetitious ways" I like that! It's so true for everyone, I think, and maybe that is why we repeat the same prayers over and over at Mass and in the Rosary and in the Liturgy of the Hours. We need to hear God speaking to us and to speak to God as well, over and over again to really own the words, to really let God become alive in our souls.

Catherine de Houck Doherty is one of my favorites-the quote is beautiful!

Thank you for this!