A Less Than Warm Welcome

 Jesus In the Temple at Nazareth by Greg Olsen

Today's Gospel reading from St Luke is one where I love to close my eyes and put myself in the scene as it is being read. This scene of Jesus reading from the scrolls in the temple is one that gives such vivid imagery. It is also one of those times in Our Lord's public life when he received a less than warm welcome from those in his home town. Once again these people wanted the sign and miracles they had heard him performing in other areas. Jesus was unable to do so because of their lack of faith.
These people could not accept Jesus' words that the Scripture they had just heard Him read was fulfilled in their hearing. The thought going through their head was: "How could this simple carpenter's son be the promised Messiah?" If they could just have believed, if I could just believe more!
Now, I have never had the desire to throw Our Lord over a cliff, but I have certainly pushed Him away and out of my life through my sinfulness.
Back in January I wrote a reflection on this Scripture passage. As I said at the beginning of this post, I love the imagery of this passage so I thought a re~post of that reflection might be food for your meditation on this passage today. You can read Fulfilled In Your Hearing by clicking the link.
May our hearts be more Bethany, a place Jesus always received a warm welcome, than Nazareth.


Anne said…
Pushed Him away through sin. Yes, I've been there, we all have. I like the way you express it.

I like your final sentence-may our hearts be more Bethany-very creative and lots to think about!

Thanks Karinann for your always wonderful blog!
Deanna said…
Dearest Karinann,
Thank you for sharing today's post. The illustration is such a beautiful one where Jesus is aglow.

God bless and may you have a sweet day,
Karinann said…
Thanks Anne and Deanna for your comments on this post.
Deanna- I liked the illumination of this painting as well. Continued prayers for you.

Anne- the Bethany line is actually the subject of a post I wrote awhile back as a response to a meditation I had heard.It seemed to fit here as well. I am always amazed at what the Holy Spirit gives to me to write.
Colleen said…
Beautiful post. Thank you!