Our Heroes

I usually try to refrain from blogging on Sundays, but I think this is a worthy exception. I came across this video over at Spiritual Mothers of Priests. Priesthood: Men With a Mission interviews priests living out the mission Christ has called them to in various ways. Several are parish priests, and one is an army chaplain in Australia.
In this day and age it seems being a Catholic priest who lives out his vocation according to God's will is one of the toughest jobs around. These men are truly heroes. I liked the statement by the army chaplain who said: "Don't ask me why I became a priest; ask me why I am still a priest." That's a powerful and thought provoking statement given what the Church and its priesthood are going through in these times.
Let us continue to pray for and encourage our priests.
Thanks to Jane for posting this video.


Anonymous said…
Karinann, I'm bothered by the priests in civilian clothes. I also noticed that not one of the priests in the video said anything about the centrality of the Sacrifice of the Mass and the offering of the Mass as the raison d'etre of the Catholic priesthood.

On the positive side, the video gives a strong endorsement of priestly celibacy.

Karinann said…
I admit that I too had a problem with the priests in civilian clothes. I decided to share the video anyway because I felt the positive outweighed the negative. I also would have liked to hear more from them on the Mass. It has been weighing on me more and more that our priests have it more difficult than ever to live their vocations.
Thanks for your input on this.
Anne said…
Thanks Karinann, for posting this. Just this morning we received word that a priest whom our family deeply loved, who is only in his fourth year of priesthood, has decided that he needs six months away from the priesthood to discern whether or not he wants to remain a priest.

Our hearts are broken. Please help us pray for Fr. Jason.
Karinann said…
Anne I will keep this priest in my prayers. God bless!
Thanx for posting this video Karinann. Being a priest is a difficult choice and a difficult life which is not always appreciated by his community nor indeed by the world at large.

God bless.