Our Saints For The Upcoming Liturgical Year

Last year I began a tradition of sorts where I asked my readers if they would like me to choose a patron saint for them for the upcoming year. I decided to offer this once again this year, but instead of doing the calendar year I thought I would begin with the Liturgical year. The Church celebrates the Solemnity of Christ the King on November 21 this year. This Solemnity marks the end of the current Liturgical year. The first Sunday in Advent is the following Sunday on November 28.
Before choosing the saint for the person, I always say a short prayer. God knows what is in store for each of us and he knows who among His saints is best fit to walk through the year's circumstances with each of us. So in reality, it is the saints who do the choosing, not me.
I have tried to include some of the lesser known saints among the usual big boys and girls of heaven. Once you receive your saint, I invite you to learn more about them since they will be your trusted friend for the year.
God has given such a wonderful and beautiful gift in the Communion of Saints; their help, intercession and friendship is only a prayer away.
So dear readers if you would like a personal patron for this upcoming year, let me know by leaving your request in the comments. I will respond with your saint by e-mail if you have one on your blog or if not I will leave it in a comment on your blog. For anyone without a blog, you can leave me your e-mail in the comments, but I will not publish the comment so as not leave your e-mail address out in cyberspace.
Holy men and women, pray for us!


Hey ... I don't know how this works but I do need all the help I can get through a difficult patch right now.

My e-mail address is on my website www.holyvisions.co.uk I don't want to leave it here to avoid all the spam one gets.

Thanx Karinann. God bless.
Karinann said…
OK Victor. I will be choosing the saints over the next day or two. Watch your e-mail.
A woman who use to come to our support group for Rachel's Vineyard use to do this with our group each year. Last year when she no longer came, I picked up on the tradition myself and decided to open it up to my blogging friends as I had some saints left. This year all of you get first pick as my group does not meet again until December.
Remember- the saint picks you :)
In the meantime, prayers for your current rough patch!
God bless!
Thanx Karinann. Prayers much appreciated.

God bless you for your kindness to me.
Mary333 said…
Oh, yes! Could you please pick one for me? I very much enjoyed having St. Francis as my patron this past year and I'm excited to learn who I'll get next. Thanks, Karin!
Karinann said…
Will be happy to Mary. I'm glad St Francis was a good companion this year. I will send to your e-mail.
Colleen said…
Yes, I would love to participate again! Thank you Karinann!
Anne said…
Sign me up! Thanks Karinann!
Jean Wise said…
I love this idea. Several years ago in my spiritual direction training we each had a spiritual giant companion us and yes, they picked us much more than we picked them. Dorothy Day and I became and still are good friends. I would love to walk with someone this year too. Please prayfully find one for me.