Don't Worry About Your Life

In my family my mother, God bless her, is the worrier. I often say that no one else in the family need worry because Mom has got it covered; she worries enough for all of us. Jesus, in the Gospel today, tells us not to worry because God, our Heavenly Father knows what we need and will provide for us.
I myself have never been much of a worrier~not because my faith is so great~it is just that I never saw the point of getting all worked up about things we have no control over. My worrying is not going to change the outcome. Now before returning to my faith, that's pretty much where my thought process on worry stopped. However, now looking at things from a faith based view, I take it a step further. I still don't worry, but I do pray. I find folding my hands in prayer is much more productive than wringing them in worry. By praying during times of stress, fear, tragedy or whatever else has got my attention, I am giving the situation to God~the only One who can truly do anything about whatever it is.
If we can surrender our lives totally to God, seeking Him first in everything, all else will fall into place~perhaps not as we planned, but as God did.
As St Padre Pio said: "Pray, hope and don't worry."


Sometimes even my worries have worries of their own.

Worrying should be a prompt to prayer.

God bless.
Mary333 said…
Good advice, Karin. It's true, worrying has no power to change anything. I can't say that I've never been a worrier but I can say that I am very much improved in this area! Thanks to Our Lord!

My mom sounds very much like yours :) She still asks us where our jackets are on cool days!
Michael said…
What a great example for all of us.

Perfect quote from Padre Pio too, by the way. They need to make that into a bumper sticker!

God Bless
Colleen said…
I hope to someday be able to handle my worries like you do. In the meantime, I can say I know how your mother feels! Hugs and God bless!
Karinann said…
Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts on this one.