Review: The Fulfillment Of All Desire Study Guide

Ralph Martin along with Emily Stimpson have developed The Fulfillment of All Desire Study Guide. The main text is very rich and the study guide helps the reader to go deeper into it. My personal opinion is that without this study guide, the reader would be tempted to move too quickly through the text without really reflecting on what is being taught. The author's intention for this guide is to bring the reader closer to Christ and ultimately union with God through holiness on their spiritual journey.
The study guide follows the main text chapter by chapter and begins with a brief summary of the chapter. It then gives 10 Questions for Comprehension which help the reader to be sure the key points have been grasped and understood. Five Questions for Reflection follow. These questions allow the reader to apply what has been taught to his own life and spiritual journey. The chapters end with a More About section that gives more on one of the seven Doctors of the Church introduced in the chapter, or more on the main points discussed in that chapter along with some key vocabulary.
I found The Fulfillment of All Desire Study Guide an invaluable companion as I made my way through the main text. While the main text can be read without the Study Guide (although personally I would not recommend this), the Study Guide cannot be used alone; the summaries are not enough for the reader to get all that is intended. This is not a criticism, just a precaution.
My only criticism of the Study Guide is that I don't feel there is sufficient room to write all that needs to be written, especially with the Reflection questions. You may want to keep a separate journal to record your answers.
There are no answer keys for the questions, a prayerful reading of the text will lead you to the answers required for understanding and for honest, personal reflection.
Ralph Martin's hope for every reader is to gain the most one can for their spiritual journey from what he has written, from the wisdom of the saints and from Sacred Scripture; this Study Guide is the tool that will help to do just that.

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Mary333 said…
Thanks for the review, Karin. This book sounds interesting.
Karinann said…
You are welcome, Mary. The main text is not only interesting it is a work of grace. Reading it prayerfully and working through the study guide have provided tremendous insight in my attempts to grow spiritually.
Worth putting this Review on Amazon.

God bless.
Karinann said…
Not sure I am allowed to do that Victor since I didn't buy either book from them. If I can I will be happy to post it there.