My Own Personal Lenten Retreat

The Holy season of Lent is upon us once again. It is a season I look forward to~ a spiritual boot camp of sorts for me as I have said here before. This year in the weeks before Lent has even begun, I did as I always do, started going over in my mind what I should do, read, give up etc. I try to take this to prayer as it really is more about what Our Lord wants from me.
The last few years I have tried to do more rather than the usual just give up something that really isn't good for me anyway (chocolate, caffeine and the like). The one thing that did keep coming to mind repeatedly was this blog. Perhaps a bit of a blog fast was in order. I will admit I struggled with this one as I really didn't want to stop writing. After all what about all of the great Lenten blogstuff I could post! No sooner that I had that thought one opposing and more truthful one set in. This blog is not about me and neither is Lent! Both are about God and what He wants. Since this thought of blog fasting keeps nudging me, I have taken it as a word from Our Lord that this is what He wants of me. So as of this post, I will not return again until the close of Lent. The only exceptions being that I have prescheduled  a re-post for the monthly devotions for April since it is dedicated to the Blessed Sacrament. I may return during Holy Week, but I will leave that up to Jesus.
I really want to spend these six weeks immersed in prayer as much as my life allows. Some of the resources I plan to use are:
1. Spiritual Reading- My book of focus other than Sacred Scripture will be What Jesus Saw From the Cross by A.G Sertillanges.

2. The Spiritual Exercises blog based on the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises which I used last year and found quite helpful.

3. My Journal- My journal has always been for me, another way of communicating with Our Lord and sometimes He with me. I've gotten away from it lately; it's time to return to it.

While I will not be posting, I can't promise I won't pay a visit to your blogs every now and then. So many of you write in ways that enrich my spiritual life.
So as we begin this holy season, please know that I will keep you all in my prayers and ask that you keep me in yours. See again around Easter.
Have a Blessed Lent!


Mary333 said…
We will see you after Lent, Karin! May Our Lord use this time to draw you closer to Him!
Blessings during Lent.
Daily Grace said…
I hear what you are saying. I deactivated my face-book account (along with other things I am giving up during Lent). It sounds funny, but I didn't realize what a bad habit I had of checking it constantly. Once I pushed deactivate, I felt an instant peace like the Lord was saying " Good choice, now focus on what is important". I am trying!!!

Happy Lent and I look forward to your future posts!
Colleen said…
Prayers for a blessed Lent!
Anonymous said…

I also considered giving up blogging during Lent. Instead I'm going to try to maintain a regimen of abstinence from certain foods that I normally "cannot do without". Every blog post will remind me of how I need to curb my appetites. Have a blessed Lent!

In Jesu XPI Passio,
Wonderful post & blog..I will link to you..perhaps you will link to me..
Karinann said…
Thanks everyone for your Lenten prayers.
Jackie- Thank you and welcome. I will definitely check out your blog and link.
God bless and a Blessed Lent to all.
I will return to posting after Easter.
Praying for you in the desert as you draw nearer to your Savior during this beautiful Lenten Season. I prayed for you in the catacombs of the Baltimore Basilica yesterday...the first Catholic Church ever to be erected in America! God bless you my friend and Happy Lent! See you at the Resurrection!
Karinann said…
Thanks for the comment and for your prayers Judy. May you and your family have a blessed Lent.
God bless!