St Katherine Drexel's Radical Conversion

 I once read that every conversion story is a love letter to God. One of the most radical and beautiful of those is of St Katherine Drexel whose feast we celebrate today. St Katherine came from a family of considerable wealth, but with her conversion saw how that material wealth was truly passing away. She started the religious order of the Missionary Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament along with numerous other foundations including Xavier University in New Orleans.
Fr. Robert Barron has a wonderful post on this saint in which he highlights an excerpt from the letter St Katherine wrote to Bishop O'Connor in 1884. The letter gives some insight to this saints radical conversion and her subsequent dedication to her life in Christ. Don't miss Fr. Barron's post on his Word On Fire blog.
May St katherine's radical conversion inspire us to deeper conversion in our own lives.
St Katherine Drexel, pray for us!


Great introduction to another Saint I did not know about.

Thanx Karinann.

God bless.
Karinann said…
You are welcome Victor. While I knew a little about St Katherine Drexel, I did not realize she had such a profound conversion. Fr. Barron's post helped me to learn a little more about her.
Colleen said…
Thanks for this post. She is my parish's patron saint! We had a Feast Day celebration all weekend. Hugs and blessings!