Fed By The Hand Of The Lord

You know, My Lord, for what it is that I thirst.
An invitation to come toYour life~giving water is extended.
In my fear, doubt and self reliance, I have sought to quench my thirst elsewhere, never satisfied.
In Your great love for me You question why I look to anyone or anything other than You.
Again You extend Your invitation, but now with more urgency to listen to You, to trust You.
Heed Me; listen to Me and you shall feast on life giving fare that will satisfy you to the depths of Your soul.
Allow yourself to be fed by My Hand. Allow Me to feed you with my very Self.
Come to Me and worry not that you have nothing with which to pay; for I, Your Lord, have paid the debt.
Come and have your hunger and thirst satisfied by My Hand.

~Reflection based on Isaiah 55:1~3


Anne said…
Oh, so moving and beautiful!
Thanx Karinann.

God bless.
mary333 said…
I loved this, Karin!!