His Yoke Of Humility And Meekness

"You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it rests in You." ~St Augustine
I hear You call to me, "Come, I will give you rest." And I want to come to You, to rest in You yet so often I do not. Instead I give in to my pride and false self~assurance and think I can go it alone, and so I remain restless.
I hear Your instruction to take Your yoke and to learn from Your example~Your yoke of humility and Your example of meekness. These You tell me is where and how I will find rest.
So I promise to trust You and to put myself completely in Your hands. I acknowledge my weakness and lay my burdens at Your feet. I know that without You nothing is possible; at best it is difficult.
I don't want to labor and be burdened any longer, so I accept Your invitation to come to You, my Source of peace and rest.


mary333 said…
Thank you for this beautiful meditation - so perfect for today!
Thanks for the wisdom in this meditation -- rest after humility and meekness--not through self-assurance and going it alone.