A Plea From Jesus

 Image courtesy of Vultus Christi

One of my favorite priestly blogs is Vultus Christi written by Fr. Mark Kirby. He writes many posts that may be speaking to priests and those in the consecrated life, but they have a way of speaking to us all.
His post today is titled You Pass Me By and it is the plea of Jesus to His priests and consecrated religious. As I read it, I could almost hear the pain in Our Lord's voice because of the many who do pass Him by.
Jesus waits, not only for His priests and consecrated religious, but for all of us.
In reading this beautiful, yet heart wrenching plea, I realized that I may not be a consecrated religious, but I am consecrated (set apart) to Christ through my Baptism~ every Catholic is.
Jesus waits. He is in our tabernacles and in our Adoration chapels. He desires our friendship and our company even if just for a few minutes.
Fr. Mark's post is also a good reminder to pray for our priests who need our prayers now  perhaps more than ever. The more time they spend with Jesus, the more they will become His living presence in our midst.
Jesus waits. May our priests and consecrated religious not keep Our Lord waiting and alone; may we not either.
Thank you to Fr. Mark and all priests who are dedicated to their vocation and who bring us Jesus each day in Word and Sacrament.


I just came from Mary333's blog were she highlighted you as her "Pay It Forward" blog this week. I didn't know that you were so involved in the creation of the Community of Catholic Bloggers. Thank you for all your work!

As I'm typing this comment ... I'm noticing all the mountains in the background of your blog. How Beautiful! We are so blessed!

Always nice to visit! God bless.
Karinann said…
Thanks Holly~glad you enjoyed the view :)
Esther G. said…
Karinann, Father Mark K. has a beautiful ministry too with spiritual mothers. Your posts reminded me of how sad it is for people entering the adoration chapel, bypassing Jesus and going directly to a saint's statue. I want so much to say something to them.
Karinann said…
Yes I am aware of Fr. Mark's ministry with spiritual mothers. I have answered that call myself; I have been a spiritual mother to priests for the last 3 years.
I know how you feel about people bypassing the Blessed Sacrament. I have that same urge to say something when I see people pass the altar and tabernacle with out genuflecting or even making a small bow. If they only knew...
Thanks for commenting and God bless.
mary333 said…
I read the post you linked to and I agree that these are words we all need to hear. I join you in your thanks for all the priests who bring Jesus to us. No priest - no Mass...scary to think about.
Karinann said…
Scary indeed Mary, but that is Satan's feeble plan.