Our Lady Will Help Us Receive Her Son

Every time I assist at Mass, one of the prayers I pray before Mass begins is to our Blessed Mother. I'm not sure when I began doing this; it seemed to just be something I consciously do to prepare to receive Jesus in Holy Communion. I figure no one received Our Lord more perfectly than His own Mother, so surely she can help me to do the same, well at least as perfectly as this poor, sinful soul can.
My prayer to her before each Mass is:
Dear Blessed Mother,
Please help me to receive Jesus as you did, with complete love, humility and purity of heart.
Well, she seemed to give me some assurance today that my prayer is answered as I read the following words spoken by Our Lady to Mary of Agreda.

"Above all I exhort thee to call upon me and ask me to help thee; for thou must know, that I am the special Advocate and Protectress of those who desire to arrive at great purity for receiving holy Communion. Whenever they invoke me for this purpose, I present myself before the throne of the Most High, and, as one well knowing the disposition required for harboring God Himself, I ask His favor and grace for those who are about to receive Him in the holy Sacrament. I have not lost in heaven the solicitude and zeal, which I exhibited upon earth. Having asked me, proceed to ask also the intercession of the angels, for they also are very anxious to see souls approach the holy Eucharist with great devotion and purity."

So go ahead and ask Our Lady; she is more than willing to help us receive her Son as He desires and deserves to be received.


Colleen said…
I love that prayer that you say. I think I will adopt it too! It is simple and beautiful. Thanks and God bless!
mary333 said…
I do this right before Communion too, using different words. Like you, I figure, who better than Our Lady to help us prepare. Thanks for the quote - it's beautiful!