The Epitome Of Authority

Merriam~Webster defines the word authority as: the power to influence or command thought, opinion or behavior; a convincing force.
Listening to today's Gospel, we can see how these definitions apply to Jesus. Through His teaching in the synagogue He was able to influence the thoughts of those who heard Him; they no longer listened to the scribes because they were amazed by what they heard from Jesus, He was for them, a convincing force.
The unclean spirit recognized Him as the Holy One of God, and Jesus had power and influence over this spirit.  Jesus is the epitome of true authority.
How does this transfer into my own life? Do I allow Jesus' words, works and teaching to influence my thoughts and behaviors? Am I amazed by Him, so much so that I listen only to His voice and not to the scribes of this world? Has Jesus become the convincing force in my life and does my life convince others of Him?
When I am finally able to honestly answer yes to these questions, I will have submitted myself over completely to Jesus' loving and powerful authority.

Dear Jesus,
I want to submit myself to You completely. Help me to humbly recognize You as the authority in and of my life so that I may live according to Your teaching. May my life in You convince those around me of Your existence. May I always be amazed by You.


Michael said…
Really liked this post. In addition to the great points you raise here, it also made me wonder if I am doing enough to influence those in my life ... like our Savior did.

God Bless!
Colleen said…
Great reflection on today's gospel. I am reading it before going to church and I think your questions will give me food for thought all day.
I've been behind on my blog visits.. I hope to catch up soon.. God bless! Hugs!
Daily Grace said…
Great post Karinann,

The title of your blog caught my eye because the Pope was talking about service and authority this weekend. He said that authority means service. I think of Jesus, his life was service. I had never thought of his authority over unclean spirits it the term of service before, but I see it a little differently now as I see it as a service of love and mercy.

Sorry for rambling, but I really enjoyed connecting your post with the words of the Holy Father.

God bless
Karinann said…
Michael, I often wonder the same thing- does my life reflect my beliefs?

Colleen, Glad to give you something to think about before Mass :)

DG, I am honored to have my words connected with the Holy Father's :)

Thanks to all of you for your thoughts on this one.
mary333 said…
This is an excellent post, Karin. I loved the beautiful prayer at the end too, particularly "May I always be amazed by You." Those words say so much.
Karinann said…
Thanks Mary. Being amazed by God is such a big part of faith~at least for me anyway.