Sacred Rhythm

This post has nothing to do with music theory as the title may imply. Rather I am talking about the rhythm of the Liturgical Year. For Catholics of the Roman Rite, the Christmas season ended yesterday with the feast of Our Lord's Baptism; we now enter the season of Ordinary Time.
This is one of my favorite periods in the liturgical year because it brings us back to the sacred rhythm of the ordinary, of the day to day. I also believe it helps us to appreciate more the other great seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.
Today's readings from the book of Samuel show us the sacred in the ordinary, of living and praying the day to day. Hannah prayed consistently for years for a child. In time, in His time, God answered her prayer.
God always listens to our prayer no matter the day, no matter the season. May we follow Hannah's example of perseverance and faith, finding the sacred rhythm in the ordinary of each day.


Colleen said…
I agree with you, Karinann. I love how you put it - the sacred rhythm of the ordinary. Hugs and blessings.
Daily Grace said…
I like the thought of finding the sacred rhythm in ordinary of each day! May God increase our gift of faith as we persevere each day.

Thank you for this.