The Priestly Version Of This Award

Patricia from I Want to See God has awarded me the Liebster Award. The criteria for this award are that it go to blogs with less than 200 followers. It is also intended to bring smaller and less known blogs to the attention of the blogosphere.
I thank Patricia for her kind words about my blog and also for her own blog which I found through another blogger. Patricia always writes from her heart. I love the picture on her sidebar with the caption: "May you be glorified in this place." That should be the essence and purpose of every Catholic blog; God should be glorified in them. He certainly is in Patricia's blog, as well as those with whom she has shared the award. He is also greatly glorified in the blogs I am about to mention, but before I get to that, I need to say this:
I am not always an obedient little blogger when it comes to these awards. I often break the rules. Here I go again, but only partly. When looking over my bloglist, I realized I have a few noteworthy priest bloggers, so I have decided to give mention and link to five of them. Where the rules get broken is that I have no idea how many followers they have for most do not show that on their blog. The other is that I do not expect them to pass the award on. That being said, they certainly do deserve the attention. In this day and age when there is so much criticism of our priests, I thought I would turn the tables and give them so encouragement and maybe one or two more readers. You will not be disappointed by your visit to any one of these priest's blogs.
So forgive me for breaking the blog award rules once again. What can I say~I can't help myself!
Please pay a visit to the following five priestly blogs:
 Fr. Joseph Hommick's Making All Things New and Two Pillars: The Eucharist and Our Lady. Bl. Pope John Paul II once said the Church needs to breathe with both lungs, meaning that both Eastern and Western Rites should be known. Fr. Joseph is a Catholic Byzantine priest and monk who writes beautiful, but straightforward, no nonsense posts involving solid Catholic teaching. His latest book on Our Lady is a must read.

Fr. Mark Kirby at Vultus Christi: Fr. Mark writes beautiful reflections. I always come away from his blog feeling like I have just spent time with Our Lord.

Brother Charles at A Minor Friar: With Br. Charles you will get a little of everything~some insight into his life as a priest, his views on what is going on in the Church, and always good solid Catholic teaching.

Fr. Gordon MacRae at These Stone Walls: Fr. Gordon is a priest who is serving what amounts to a life sentence in prison. He has been falsely accused of crimes of sexual abuse. His posts are unabashedly honest as well as Catholic. You will even get a history lesson from time to time and a little humor as well.

Fr. Robert Barron at Word on Fire: This is probably one of the more well known and followed priestly sites. Fr. Barron's commentary on what is going on not only in the Church, but in the world at large is always informative and insightful. If you haven't caught any of his Catholicism series on PBS, do yourself a favor and try to catch a few episodes. He has brought our beautiful Catholic faith to life with this project.

So there you have it. Pay these priestly blogs a visit. I promise your faith will be edified. I thank these priests and all the priests in my life for their priesthood.


Patricia said…
What a wonderful highlight the blogs of priests! I can't think of any bloggers who deserve recognition more. I'm amazed that they can even find the time..

I absolutely love Vultus Christi, and everything Father Barron does, but I'm not familiar with the other three you listed, and I will certainly check them out.

I agree with you in thanking all of our priests for their holy priesthood. What would we do without them!!!

Have a beautiful Sunday! : )

Karinann said…
Thanks Patricia. I think you will enjoy the other blogs I listed. Fr. Joseph's is one of my favorites.
A blessed Sunday to you as well.
Michael said…
Congrats on the well-deserved award! And great idea to highlight the priests who blog!

God Bless.
Daily Grace said…
Congratulation Karinann.

Fr. Barron is one of my favorites!
Jenny said…
Great idea to highlight some priests. I have been blessed to attend a Mass offered by Fr Kirby; holiness eminates from him, yet he is very accesable to the children as well.

I am stopping by to invite you to a new website created to encourage, support & maintain Catholic women. We will read the Scriptures together in light of the Catholic faith and read books to encourage us in our vacation. But more than anything, our prayer is that Suscipio will be arefuge for the Catholic women on the web.
Karinann said…
Thanks DG- I am enjoying Fr. Barron's Catholicism series.

Jenny, Thanks for the invitation to the website; it sounds wonderful and very spiritually edifying. I will definitely stop by to check it out.