The Road Less Traveled

There is much we can learn from the magi who set out on a journey from a far off land in search of a King about whom they had heard prophesied. There is also much, perhaps, we see of them in ourselves. We too are on a journey from a far off land. We too seek our Divine King, and we, like the magi, come bearing gifts. Our gifts are the gifts born of our faith in the One whom we seek. We bring Him our love, our praise and our gratitude.
In a dream these three wise men were warned not to return to Herod so they took another road home. To me, Herod has always been a symbol of the world, of earthly power. Each of us who follow and practice our faith have been given the same warning~do not return to the things of this world. We have been shown another road home. We do not follow the Star of Bethlehem, but the One to whom it led. Christ's light shines on the road that will lead us to Him.
The magi found Jesus at His birth. We find Him too when we come before Him in the Blessed Sacrament and at every Mass. We find Him in those who follow Him as well.
In an essay by Heather King in this month's Magnificat, she quotes the 13th Century mystic, Meister Eckhart: "God is at home; we are in the far country."
So let us continue the journey on the road less traveled~it will lead us home to where God awaits us.


Esther G. said…
Karinann, so true about learning from the Magi! Good post.

BTW, Heather King's essay was very good, wasn't it! I hope you and your family had a blessed Feast of the Epiphany.
Anonymous said…
Hi Karin,

I chose your beautiful blog for a Liebster award...check it out at my blog when you have a chance, and then choose five blogs you like, to pass it onto...if you wish to do so.