Appointments With Mystery

I am going to break from my usual format for my Sunday Meditations where I usually reflect on the Sunday Gospel and readings. This week I would like to share a reflection I wrote while on retreat. It is based on a writing of Thomas Merton where he talks about keeping our appointments with Mystery.
In my last post, I spoke about clearing out clutter in our souls. Keeping those appointments with Mystery through prayer, meditation on Scripture and good, solid spiritual reading are some ways to do this.
Our God~ Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is Mystery itself. Let's not keep Him waiting...

Keeping My Appointments With Mystery
When I keep my appointments with Mystery, I find myself sinking into the depths of myself to that place in me where You my Lord and God, Mystery Itself, dwell.
And my soul, finding You there, can only find itself praising You.
In this wordless praise my heart is calmed and heavenly peace fills me. 
This peace that only You can give is a peace that can reign no matter what is going on around me.
This unconditional peace, born of silent interior praise of You,
 is mine and remains with me when I keep my appointments with You,
 Divine Mystery.

*Photos taken by K. Searson: St Joseph by the Sea, S. Mantoloking, NJ; May 2012


Patricia said…
Beautiful reflection, Karin. Sounds like you had a wonderful retreat.

I find that I need to clear not only the clutter within, but the clutter around me in order to really enter into the Mystery..otherwise I am so distracted by things "to do." It is a constant effort.

May the Grace of your retreat remain with you until the next one!

Colleen said…
I love this. Appointments with mystery. What a wonderful way to look at it. May I quote you on this? (I will post your link!) I might use it in my Prayerful Morsels ezine. OR my blog. OR both. Just love it.
Colleen said…
Me again. I just love your pictures and how you did it, too. Very peaceful.
I am working on having a different kind of look on my websites where I Post my online retreats. I was thinking of including a slideshow or video a lot like this. It might give the person a feeling like he or she has gone to another place!! So I think I will try it out. Was it difficult?
Glad your retreat went well.
Thanks for sharing, Karinann!
Hugs and blessings.
mary333 said…
Your post made me think of how the deeper into God we sink, the less we realize we know Him, so great is His Mystery. No wonder one of the mystics wrote a book called Cloud of Unknowing - He can't be known through human means and the more He reveals Himself the more we see that we can't place the Infinite One in some sort of little personal God-box.

Of course, I have done this (placed God in a box to make Him easier to understand) but He always tears my ideas of Him down :)

Great post, Karin!
Karinann said…
Patricia~Good point, our outside does reflect our inside and sometimes vice versa.

Colleen~ Go ahead and use what you like. The phrase is actually from Thomas Merton; I just expanded on it. The slideshow is fairly easy. Smilebox is the easiest medium I have found for this.

Mary~very insightful comment. It is true the deeper we go into God the less we find we really know Him. If we let Him and keep up with our prayer life, He will draw us deeper. I haven't read all of the Cloud of Unknowing~ just some snippets, but I always get so much from what this mystic wrote.

Thanks for your thoughts on this one, ladies.
Caroline said…
Than you for sharing from your overflow and keeping your appointment with mystery! +
Colleen said…
Thank you Karinann!
Colleen @ ID said…
Struggling with making and keeping the appointments .. . .Glad to hear you had the blessing of another retreat to reinvigorate your relationship with our loving God, Karin. Mary your comment was very insightful . . . .the more we know the more we love, and then the more we realize how little we know or at least how little I understand!