Visits With Our Mother

Raphael's: The Visitation

Ten years have gone by since the day I made the decision to accept Our Lord's invitation to return to Him. It happened on today's feast of the Visitation. It took some time for me to see how this feast was being played out in my own life. Once Our Lord and His Mother come to you, if you accept their presence in your life, life is never the same, and for me, as for many of us, that is a good thing.
I describe the meaning this feast holds for me in Visitations, which I wrote two years ago. Since that first visitation in 2002, whenever I feel myself struggling in my spiritual life, I seem to hear Jesus whisper: "Let My Mother help you." And like Elizabeth, I find myself asking that same question: "Who am I that the Mother of my Lord should come to me?" But she does.
I don't always show Our Lady the devotion that she deserves, but I know that she does come to me, and she always brings me closer to her Son. I have been showered with many graces that have aided in my healing through our Blessed Mother.
I just wanted to take this day to thank her for them, and ask her to continue to bring me closer to Jesus. I know this is a request she never refuses.


Colleen said…
Love this post and your Visitations post. St Elizabeth, as you may remember is my patron saint that you gave me for this year. God bless!
(Love your blog look by the way!)
mary333 said…
Hi Karin,
I just commented to you a few minutes ago but I think the comment got lost. However I caught the verification on camera. I think you'll find it very interesting :)

In my comment I spoke about how there are no coincidences with God and that both posts gave me shivers. I said they were beautiful and that I wish I could +10 them .I just picked this number randomly, not thinking about the fact it's been ten years from your visitation experience too. I think you'll like Our Lady's present to you. I have to switch computers to send the pic so give me a few :)
Karinann said…
I do remember that Elizabeth is your saint for this year (she chose you; I didn't :)So happy feast day since I kind of include her in today's feast-don't think Our Lady minds. Glad you like the new blog look.

Mary, I agree~there are no coincidences where God is concerned. He picks dates, times and means of pouring out His graces. He has used Our Lady in subtle but powerful ways in my healing. I should probably do a post on my Marian posts so readers can see the progression of God's and Our Lady's work.
Thanks for the picture; I do like the gift :)
Daily Grace said…

This is so beautiful and so heart felt. Thank you for sharing it and God bless.